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Kitchens and lunch zones

Kitchens and lunch zones

Kitchens and lunch zones


There is time

Whether it is possible to work without stopping eight hours in a row? Possibly... But what quality there will be this work? Breaks during the working day are necessary for people. And not only for having of food or a cup of tea. Sometimes it is useful to leave for a while not solved task, it will be disconnected from it, to take rest. As a result, having returned to work with renewed strength hour later, the simple and brilliant solution is easily found. Sometimes successfully to realize the project, it is necessary to adjust mutual understanding with colleagues, to secure with their loyalty that it is difficult to make in a working zone, and it is very easy - in a cozy and informal situation of kitchen. And it is sometimes simply pleasant to realize that it isn't necessary to run in expensive cafe, constantly controlling time, and it is possible to take pleasure quietly in tasty and healthy house food. At favourite office.

One decision Ц three benefits

The organization of the equipped kitchen at office a minimum cuts duration of lunch breaks by half because employees don't spend time for the road to places of public catering and back. The released time can be used with much bigger advantage or at once to return to work. Besides, creation of a lunch recreation area is manifestation of trust of the management to the employees and cares of them that is positively reflected in loyalty of collective to the company, and further Ц on results of work. And, at last, the kitchen is an excellent tool of a brand-influence for the staff of the company, and also for her visitors if the lunch zone is part of front office. The design of lunch space developed according to philosophy and values of a brand and its attributes also has powerful impact on degree of loyalty of employees to the company and forms the necessary impressions at guests.

Kitchen ergonomics

Often under kitchens and lunch zones allocate rooms with difficult architecture which when using serial furniture doesn't allow to organize comfortable space. Therefore the kitchen furniture from Orgspace is always non-standard decisions, precisely, to millimeter, the rooms which are adjusted under architecture, processes which they have to provide, and kitchen equipment which has to be built in them. In this case it is possible to guarantee that the area and volume of space will be involved with maximum efficiency.

For many years faithful service

Places of meal dictate especially strict requirements to quality of furniture. Front surfaces of kitchen furniture of Orgspace are revetted with high-quality HPL plastic with protection against scratches and chips. The close attention is paid to quality of a gluing of an edge: thanks to own technology of sealing edges are protected from penetration of water at damp cleaning or spill of liquids. Connections under 45 ∞ used in bar stands and other items are edgebanded, and also carefully protection against moisture.

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