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Bench or not Bench

System of Interplay desktops Ц the new product of Orgspace with unique functionality developed in partnership with the Italian company. The frame of table and legs are demountable, that allows to change during the exploitation design of legs, and also to turn bench-systems into separate tables, and separate tables in bench to any quantity of places. The cost of changes is minimum.

Simplicity and ease of changes

Interplay is a universal designer product with especially favorable economy. Thanks to the special patented unit, easily demountable frame construction allows to turn bench-system into separate tables and vice versa. The price of a question is a purchase of several metal details.

Organization of many-placed bench-systems

The Interplay system allows to design bench-systems on any multiple number of employees: 2, 4, 6, etc. Screens and hinged accessories to them can be installed at once, or it is possible install it later when needed.

Variability of design

The Interplay system offers two options of table legs: the square and round section of Ø 50 mm, equipped with floor adjusters. A standard color of legs is RAL 9006. Under the projects three options of colored legs are available (a choice of color according to the RAL catalog), and also such finishings as a glossy lacquer, chrome, the satined steel, the anodized aluminum, the polished aluminum and matt chrome are available.

At any moment Interplay table legs can be changed to the new one.

High adjustment

Desktops of Interplay can be equipped with adjustment on height in the range of 720 - 800 mm for optimum hight adjustment and constitution of employees. Control optionally can be also mounted independently already during the exploitation. For this purpose, it is enough to get a set of the adjustable units and to insert them into table leg.

Convenient cable management

Phones, iPad, laptops, tablets Ц every year it is used more and more technical units which on workplaces should be connected to wire networks regularly. Therefore besides esthetic function the modern cable management installed to Interplay workplaces provides to office employees convenient and simple access to connections.

Desktops of Interplay are equipped with grommets for linking of wires into the under table top cable duct, or the flap with a folding cover which is provided the convenient access to sockets and a cable channel.

The organization of space over a table: Between screens, sockets in a cable channel

Interplay tables and bench-systems are compatible to the new "Between" screens 111 cm high from floor level. Special fastenings on screens allow to mount at any time a hinged pillow for visualization. Besides, screens can be decorated by fabric covers. Covers removable that allows to clean and support easily them at office the healthy microclimate, and also periodically to update design. On screens hinged accessories can be placed.

Removable fabric cover

Hinged fabric pillow

The organization of space over a table: Aura screens

For the organization of space over tables of Interplay series, "Aura" screens are also used. Low screens (111 cm from floor level) outline border of a workplace and allow to employees to interact freely with each other. And using metal or acrylic extensions it is possible to create a private zone on a workplace. Higher option (133 cm from floor level) creates comfortable conditions for the concentrated work Ц the working person is completely protected from visual hindrances. In aluminum profiles of screens can be easily placed removable accessories for storage and visualization. Thus the employee can easily, one movement of a hand move accessories on convenient places.

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