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05.10.2015 Orgspace for CBRE. The new office is the market leader for commercial real estate in Moscow City.

02.07.2015 Moscow-City. Normetimpeks. Orgspace.

29.01.2015 The special series of dispatching furniture created especially for RDU SO UPS

10.11.2014 Only ecological Laminated Chipboard Lamarty E 0.5

29.09.2014 New system of folding mobile tables INMOTU from Orgspace

18.08.2014 RENAULT homologated ORGSPACE products

21.07.2014 We are introducing a new system of desks with electric adjustment on height "Effica"

26.05.2014 A new section on the site "Design and materials"

17.02.2014 Ease of changes with a new series of furniture INTERPLAY

31.01.2014 Orgspace represents a new collection of fabrics LUCIA


02.08.2013 Kitchens and lunch zones - the new section on the site Orgspace

15.03.2013 Office style "Nexus"

26.11.2012 Our new specialty - special chairs

23.10.2012 Choose Upgrade: colored mesh + headrest

17.09.2012 Meeting in a small space - a new project is already on the site

about everything

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